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We are following government guidance during COVID-19. Please be aware that we have a lot of repairs that we need to catch up on as a result of the lockdown so please bear with us as we are working hard to try and get as many repairs done as we can.

To log a non-urgent repair online, click the button below.

Report a repair

Call our helpdesk on 0300 003 7007 and press option 1.

Access to materials and protective equipment

Because of the recent lockdown, access to some building materials and personal protective equipment such as gloves or face masks are hard to get hold of.  For us to carry out repairs we must be able to get hold of the supplies we need, if we cannot it might mean that there is a slight delay on the repairs we carry out on properties.

Keeping everyone safe

It is important that we keep our tenants, staff and everyone we work with safe.

Our helpdesk team, repairs team and contractors will be asking our tenants some questions about the health of people living in our properties and the visitors. We ask that everyone is very honest with us.

Our repairs team and contractors will make sure they are keeping to cleanliness and safety guidance provided by the government.

We ask that make sure that tenants and staff stay 2 metres away from our workers. To keep everyone safe, tenants, support staff and our repairs workers.

If our staff are not given this safe space at all times, they will not be able to complete the work they are doing and will leave the property until it is safe for them to go back.

Repairs information

Repairs card

This helps you and your support staff to report a repair in your home. You can read about it here.