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Coronavirus updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new type of illness. We are following the advice and guidance from the government.

You can find out about the changes to our services and more information about the coronavirus in the easy-read guides.

Our office

Although our head office in Manchester is closed until further notice due to coronavirus our teams are still working and are available to help.

Call us on 0300 003 7007

You can speak to Golden Lane Housing’s staff during office hours. Our out-of-hours service is taking calls for emergencies and emergency repairs.

Option 1 is for the repairs team. You can report any repairs required to your home to our team who are there to take all repairs calls.

Option 2 is for the housing income team. They can help you with your money, rent or Housing Benefit advice.

Option 3 is for the housing team. You can talk to them about any tenancy matters and about your home or wellbeing.

Option 4 is for the development team. You can find out information about our new homes.

Option 5 is to speak to our customer services team about any other enquiry.

Tell us if you are self-isolating

We want to help to protect everyone from the coronavirus and stop it from spreading further.

Please tell us if you are self-isolating or have any of the symptoms. If you are going to spend any time away from your home for any reason, please get in touch with us so we can provide some advice and guidance.

Changes to our services

Find out more about our services in the guide below:

Easy-read information

Mencap has created some information about the coronavirus: